Are you struggling to recognize your purpose? Do you desire to live a life of passion but don’t know where to start? Are you ready to operate in your gifts to live the life you LOVE? Each of us were created with purpose and we all own a special gift to share with the world. As your coach I will work to help you develop your talent, highlight your passion and pursue your purpose. During our time together I will uplift you and challenge you to overcome opposition, recognize resistance, tap into your talent to ultimately acquire your personal GREATNESS. I will help you develop a plan of action and I will hold you accountable for reaching your goals. As your advocate for empowerment I will encourage you to maneuver through obstacles and challenge you to move past fear and doubt. By tapping into the power of positive perspective you will experience a life shift as your dream transcends into your reality.

My passion for motivating youth and young adults, gave way to living and operating in my purpose. As a youth Mentor and life coach, my goal is to assist you on your journey. I will work to help you:

    • Uncover untapped potential
    • Unleash and cultivate creativity
    • Set a plan of action to reach your goals
    • Discover and Develop gifts and talents in order to live a life of purpose
    • Break through barriers
    • Deal with and process life changes

Limitless Living here to coach, challenge and empower you to live your dream,  Coach Sierra will be your personal advocate for self discovery and life enhancement.

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