You’ve written your Vision, Now What?

              Vision Activation Series


So you’ve had the chance to gather with family and friends, you’ve celebrated the beginning of a new year, you’ve set new goals and  you are embracing the evolution of an upgraded version of YOU! If you’ve taken any of my latest advice, or have been following any health, wellness or success trends, then you’ve also had the chance to experience that AMAZING feeling of creating a vision board.

Habakkuk 2:2 
” And the Lord answered me, and said , write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it”

You’ve answered the calling by taking the first step towards your dreams by writing your vision…. You’ve gained clarity on exactly what it is that you want to pursue and you’ve placed your nicely decorated board on the shelf so that you’re able to see it every morning and as you get in your car and begin your commute to the job that you’ve grown tired of… you reflect on how unfulfilled you’ve become and how hungry you are for something MORE!! You say to yourself, ” There’s got to be more to life than this!!” and as you drift off and get lost in the dream of your ideal life you pull into the parking lot of your job and as the car screeches to halt in the parking space… Reality rears it head and your vision is interrupted by the truth of where you are RIGHT NOW!!… You’ve come to a temporary stop called the MOMENT! You pray for grace and you  remember  and repeat your mantra that “Gratitude is the gateway to greatness”… so you give thanks for all of your blessings, and you remind yourself to celebrate even the smallest of wins… and just like that you feel a shift in your vibration and suddenly you find content in your MOMENT… you remember that life, growth, change and elevation are a product of process…. so you say to yourself, ” I’ve written my Vision! Now What?

Here are principles to activate your vision and move closer to your Dream!

1. Create and implement a morning routine that gives you space to pray, meditate and visualize your goals.
Train your thoughts by focusing more on what you want because what we focus on EXPANDS and the goal of the vision board is essentially to expand the vision you have for your life and whats possible for your life.

2. Exercise your potential!! Get creative on how to use your gifts, talents, and strengths. The more you operate in the space from which you possess “exceptional” qualities you will gain more confidence in your abilities which in turn allows the light within you to shine brighter.

3.Connect with a mentor, coach and/or  accountability partner who you can learn from, grow with and collaborate with. You will find that connections with like-minded individuals is a true treasure. As the saying goes, ” Iron sharpens Iron” and you will find it refreshing to have someone to share and celebrate your wins with.

4. Create an action plan to accompany your vision board. This allows you to become laser focused on your goals. The vision board acts as a visual reminder of whats to come but your action plan is your tool to execute and implement. While the vision board gives us a pretty picture to reflect on, the action plan has dates, to do’s and go to’s to guide you and help organize and structure your efforts.

5. Remember your WHY!!! as you journey towards your next level don’t be distracted by the HOW. You will naturally battle with the idea of How you’re going to fund your endeavors or how to obtain the resources to achieve your goals. If you focus more on the How you may get lost there. Your WHY will give you the will power to maintain and sustain in the mist of figuring out How things will work themselves out. As I reflect on my pursuits, I’m reminded that where there’s a will there will always be a way, and as long as you continue to answer the calling on the inside that propels you and compels you to be greater, to do better and to be more.. Things will always work out the way they are supposed to.

Don’t give up on your Dreams!!

I encourage you to push past your limits by refusing to give in, and being so committed that obstacles no longer appear as stop signs but as signs to dig deeper. You can do IT!!!!!!

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